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Years ago, in the year 2005, as an all Medical Shop; "Wellzyn Healthcare" was established in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. Though the beginning was small yet the goals were big and this is the reason that this medical firm gains a lot of appreciation and success in the past few years. In 2013, the firm was a proprietorship as "Rays Marketing" and the biggest was achieved in the year 2016 when the firm was registered as, "Wellzyn Healthcare Private Limited".

The journey of the growth story from a medical shop to a Private Limited is full of experiences and success at last.

We started our business from an area of 225 sq ft and now we work in the space of 6,500 sq ft. We are having the stockists of many distributors and small firms. Wellzyn Healthcare Private Limited deals with Dr Morepon Limted and Morepon Laboratories Limited.The growth story doesn't end here; there is a lot to see, a lot to achieve in this field.

Our success is measured by our result; by our growth rate. This is just a small beginning towards the big dreams, there is more to achieve, more to get. Day in and Day out, Wellzyn Healthcare Private Limited works to achieve the presence of the global healthcare distrubutor.

Wellzyn Healthcare Private Limited is certainly the result of decades of innovation and hard work and of course the impressive work of the people behind the deliveries.

From All Medicine Shop in 2009 to Wellzyn Healthcare Private Limited in 2016;

We increase the space of the firm from 225 sq ft to 6,500 sq ft in the heart of Rishikesh; Ramjhula.

There is also an increase in the branch of Wellzyn Healthcare in recent years. We don't consider this enough for our success and for the dream we had seen before. We keep working hard to achieve what we thought of. All the offices of Wellzyn Healthcare Private Limited are air-conditioned, replete with the hi-tech office automation. We have a team of more than 15 dedicated and humble staff who work hard with a passion to perform the best.

We have reached the stage, where we have created a strong distribution network in the pharmaceutical market. We have a distributorship of more than 10 companies. The well-professional, dedicated and skilled salesmen and deliverymen of our team provide the fastest and satisfactory services. We received regular booking and shows a prompt delivery to our clients.

We work more in a better direction and soon create an even faster distribution network. Our biggest strength is our team members and besides this, the trust, the relationship of our company with our clients (retailers, doctors, hospitals and so on) is the strength of Wellzyn Healthcare Private Limited that keeps encouraging us.

In the year 2017, we had established Citimax Super Speciality Centre, where trained and professional staff helps the client in order to get rid of several health issues. The medicines, the diet chart, the diet schedule are some of the aspects that help in building a healthy body, free from diseases. We keep computerised records of our activity. In every field, it is crucial to be updated with the new technologies and process and so we keep ourselves updated in pharmaceutical knowledge and this result helps us in keeping our patients healthy.

There is nothing like a Final Aim.....!!!!

This is the quote on which Wellzyn Healthcare Private Limited works.




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